Antiques Center of Cape Cod

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Antiques and Collectibles
Welcome to the Antiques Center

Welcome to The Antiques Center of Cape Cod, the largest and busiest Antiques dealer market on Cape Cod!

With over 250 dealers and a constant supply of imported items from Europe, this year round Antiques Center stays busy no matter what the season

New England has long been known for its rich heritage.  Abundant in history and character, its unique flavor is found nowhere else.  Its cities and towns are home to numerous antique shops which hold remnants of this wonderful past.

Cape Cod  can claim all of that, and more ....
Home of the Pilgrim Landing and Thanksgiving, The Cape has more antique shops per square mile than anywhere else in the Northeast.  But the biggest of all of them is The Antiques Center!

Come and browse "The Center".  Then stroll next door and visit the relaxed atmosphere of Building #4.

Plan to spend some time - there is so much to see!


Air Conditioned
main building
Plenty of Parking

Monday thru Saturday:  10:00 - 5:00
Sunday:  11:00 - 5:00

Map and Directions

Building #4 - Antiques Center
Building #4
Tel. 508-385-5133

More great things at Building #4

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